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The goal of the Future Generations Now Tutor program is to create opportunities for high school students to Pay-It-Forward and become active participants in their communities, helping those who are underserved and underrepresented in education assistance programs.  


Tutors can expect to receive training from their respective FGNow ambassadors to perform the tasks required of a virtual tutor in the subjects of Math or English.  Tutors will then be assigned to a student in the California area (grades 6 - 8) for the length of a single school semester. We encourage high school students interested in tutoring English or Math (with an average of B+ or better in those classes) to apply! 


Participants of the Tutor Program must:

  • Be a high school student (9th -12th grade)

  • Have B+ average (85) or better in subjects 

  • Be available for at least 1+ hour per week 

  • Have access to a device with reliable internet access and Zoom hosting capability

  • Tutoring sessions will follow Kahn Academy curriculum for the appropriate level

  • All applicants must commit to a minimum of 1 semester of the FGNow Tutor program

  • Each hour is the equivalent of 2 community hours 


Tutors who complete a full semester will be considered for the Future Generations Now Recognition Award! 


Participating Schools

Under the program, Future Generations Now has developed partnerships with students from premier schools across the state of California. Participating schools include:


  • Harvard Westlake

  • Brentwood School 

  • Chadwick School

  • Buckley Schoool

  • Archer School for Girls

  • Marlborough School

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Need a Tutor in Math or English?

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