Skyler Griswold

Humanitarian and Activist Speaker

Skyler is 15 years old and will be entering 9th grade at Harvard Westlake Middle School in the fall of 2020. She has always been different in terms of her compassion and endless intellectual curiosity about everything, especially social issues surrounding children and the environment.

Skyler launched Future Generations Now ( as a 501c(3) organization in July 2018 to build a community that will actively support and participate in volunteer expeditions locally, and around the world. To date, she has amassed several budding groups of middle school and high school students in California to help raise funds and awareness for programs in the areas of child wellness, education, and the environment. 

Her journey began with speech tournaments starting in the third grade while also becoming inspired by the mission of Operation Smile (  Acting on her desire to help, she worked with school administrators and performed at various private functions to raise awareness and much-needed funds for children around the world to receive treatment through the program. Even as the youngest Smile Ambassador, Skyler embarked on her first global mission in the Philippines in the summer of 2015, traveling alongside physicians and volunteers to help those families of children in need.  Her second Medical Mission would take place in the Spring of 2017, traveling to Lima, Peru in support of families and their children receiving life-changing treatment through Operation Smile. 

In 2016, Skyler was accepted into a performing arts academy in Seoul, Korea to further develop her artistic talents. Upon returning to the U.S., she continued to apply her talents to her humanitarian work, delivering moving spoken-word performances on the issues of racism, civil rights, and environmental issues at various events, including the Art of Elysium Gala in Los Angeles and the Sundance Film Festival. She would go on to raise more than $200,000 for Operation Smile at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017-2019.

Skyler will be entering the 9th grade in the fall, and has started Future Generations Now Club at Harvard Westlake Middle School. She is a contributing writer for Teen Vogue, addressing issues that matter for teenagers and future generations to come. 

Equal Access Fund

Fundraiser, California

Raised over $15K! 

Blessings in a Backpack "99 for 99" Dinner & Screening in Los Angeles, April 2019

Raised over $10K

Storyteller Dinner Series for the Benefit of Blessings in a Bagpack, June 2018 

Raised over $20,000

The Art of Elysium Gala, January 2018

LAUNCH of Future Generations Now! 


ChefDance 2020 at Sundance Film Festival 

$100K+ Funded for the Wonderland Project!

Sundance Film Festival, January 2019

Raised over $100K

Council of Korean Americans Inspire! Gala in Los Angeles, May 2018

Speech on Discrimination

Sundance Film Festival, January 2018

Raised $66,000

Operation Smile Gala in Los Angeles, November 2015

#Drag88 Love Is Love Variety Show in Los Angeles, August 2019

Raised over $10K

27th annual International Student Leadership Conference, Seattle, July 2018

Speech on Giving Love

Spring 2018

Expedition Trip 

to Lima Peru for the benefit  of Operation Smile

Summer of 2017 Mission Trip to the Philippines for Operation Smile 

Jane Fonda One Fair Wage Reception in Los Angeles, June 2019

NEXUS Summit, New York City, July 2018 

Speech on Environment

Global Seed Vault Expedition to Norway, led by Martha Stewart, Feb 2018 

Speech on Environment

Sundance Film Festival, January of 2017  

Raised over $30,000